Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom. Of course the task will not be easy. But not to do this would be a crime against humanity, against which I ask all humanity now to rise up.

- Nelson Mandela -



Firstly are the horrors of APARTHEID

in which the entire world became involved through the experience, leadership and example of


Nelson Mandela, a world renowned icon, was a passionate advocate for creating a better civilization. One of his major contributions was establishing the TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION in South Africa. However a mistake he and the ANC (African National Congress) made was to adopt the Conventional Worldwide Economic System which was contrary to the THE FREEDOM CHARTER aimed at bringing about true freedom and dignity for all citizens. However in his daily life he practiced the principles of UBUNTU to perfection and truly lived a life of SERVICE. In his honour furthering his great work we as individuals, and as a community could well benefit by emulating

 Some suggested ways of serving the communities we live in are listed below:-

1. Sign the online Petition addressed to the President of South Africa and the leaders of all political parties proposing the formation of a consensus government after the general election during 2019. (see 3 below)

2. Increasing awareness of the inequality of the present "Business as usual" economic system. We are all in a sense STUDENTS with regard to our understanding of economics and could thus could benefit by following some of the suggestions given on the STUDENT ACTION PAGE. Another valuable source of information is OXFAM BRIEFING PAPER JANUARY 2017 - AN ECONOMY FOR THE 99% It‟s time to build a human economy that benefits everyone, not just the privileged few.

The front page summary of the 48 Page Paper reads as follows:-

New estimates show that just eight men own the same wealth as the poorest half of the world. As growth benefits the richest, the rest of society – especially the poorest – suffers. The very design of our economies and the principles of our economics have taken us to this extreme, unsustainable and unjust point. Our economy must stop excessively rewarding those at the top and start working for all people. Accountable and visionary governments, businesses that work in the interests of workers and producers, a valued environment, women’s rights and a strong system of fair taxation, are central to this more human economy.

3. Recognizing the Political Problem

In their 2012 book “Who rules South Africa?”, Martin Plaut & Paul Holden revealed that in 2011 approximately three quarters of the South African Cabinet's 35 members had financial interests outside their main occupations as did 59% of the country's 400 members of parliament. This is evidence that the country's politicians are receivers of interest transferred to 20% of the population from the other 80%. In whose interests do they really operate?

4. Recognize the tremendous opportunity for establishing a consensus visionary government in South Africa at the coming general election during the year 2019. Help to promote this idea "It's time for change from bottom up"  developed in detail by Heinrich Volmink, that can be viewed on the Political Action page.  

5. One of the objectives of the Auriga Website is to facilitate connecting people with micro communities trialing new economic ways of life. Their are many micro communities around the world trialing new economic ways of life and there is one particular community where the ideas presented on this website will be implemented. This is THE VALLEY OF GRACE TRANSITION INITIATIVE that could become an example to the world which Nelson Mandela would truly approve of. Please DONATE to support this project which is outlined below. 


Ward 2 Theewaterskloof Municipal District



Our world is most clearly in a state of transition from an age characterized by extremes of competition and greed into to a new paradigm of GREEN LIVING founded on COOPERATION and TRUST incorporated as our purpose in the SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL FLAG.

There are many interdependent levels to this transition. From bottom up they include:-

  1. The whole of nature which at present is being abused by mankind.

  2. The Individual often conditioned by the environment into living unhealthy lifestyles.

  3. The Family, to a large extent, restricted by economic circumstances largely beyond their control.

  4. Many Governmental Institutions that at present fail to truly deliver to all citizens the fundamental principles of FREEDOM – EQUALITY – DIGNITY embedded in the South African Constitution.

  5. An Education System which does not ensure that each and every individual adequately fulfills their unique purpose for being on this earth.

  6. The so called Free Market Economic System through which the rich continuously get rich and the poor become poorer.

  7. Many State, Religious and Philosophical Institutions that provide sound and VALUABLE PRINCIPALS for living on the earth.



The VALLEY OF GRACE TRANSITION INITIATIVE aims to address these shortcomings in a holistic manner establishing a new paradigm of living based on cooperation, utilising organic, permaculture and biodynamic agricultural techniques and practices which will restore reverence for the whole of the natural world by:-

  1. Fostering self-esteem, directly and indirectly, within every individual in the COMMUNITY using amongst others the principles of UBUNTU: encouraging and enabling everyone into living healthy lifestyles.

  2. Building EFFECTIVE FAMILIES based on the principle of RIGHT HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS founded on techniques of mercy, forgiveness and compassion thus establishing a culture of TRUTH and RECONCILIATION. Use the book BUILDING EFFECTIVE FAMILIES by STEVEN COVEY.

  3. Ensuring that all institutions, function according to the principle of SERVICE to society.

  4. Establishing educational opportunities based on the principle of learning through doing.

  5. Exploring and utilising a wide variety of alternative economic techniques being promoted by the worldwide NEW ECONOMICS movement.



This expanded initiative will build on the firm foundations established by the GREYTON TRANSITION TOWN since inception in 2011 as described in the Greyton/Genadendal A-Z Pg 30 as follows:- “GTT is an award winning non-profit organisation which is bringing this community together to find local solutions to the global challenges of peak oil and climate change. As well as food security, waste management and renewable energy GTT has a strong focus on environmental and humane education to inspire and build future generations of children that care about themselves, others and our outstanding natural world.”                  



In recent workshop consultations (February 2018) between various local communities and officials from the Theewaterskloof Municipality many serious problems were identified. For example “NO JOBS” - and yet with all the problems there is obviously a great deal of work to be done. It became clear that many of the issues identified were very often symptoms arising from more fundamental root causes. We need to look more deeply into these symptoms!

Why are there “NO JOBS”? Answer – “Because there is No Money to pay the workers!”

This focusses our attention on the problem identified in point (vi) in section A above –“The so called Free Market Economic System through which the rich continuously get rich and the poor become poorer.”Are we truly Free?

Possible solutions are hinted at in Section B point 5: – Exploring and utilising a wide variety of alternative economic techniques being promoted by the worldwide NEW ECONOMICS movement, thus implementing





Dependence on Nation-State funding for transition initiatives is a fundamental problem encountered in the building of local resilience and establishing true freedom for everyone. For instance in South Africa we are almost completely dependent on imported oil based fuels for all of our transport needs. Our Community Exchange Systems need therefore to be constructed in a way that takes into consideration as many as possible of the following forms of exchange:-

  1. Gifting

  2. Bartering

  3. Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.

  4. The use of printed forms of currency – paper or plastic cards, like our Rand notes.

  5. On-line computer based exchange systems such as the Talent Exchange in which no interest is charged.

  6. Time banking systems recording for example hours or minutes of work.

  7. An online Virtual Rand system.

  8. An online International System of Exchange   



Section 21 Company

Global Network

This is the first and only global network of communities using alternative exchange systems. There are currently 40999 users in 981 exchanges in 91 countries. This system enables the use of all the items 4 to 8 in the list above.




There are many ways in which we will continue to be dependent on Nation-State currencies such as our RAND in South Africa. Suggested ways in which we can move towards RESILIENCE include the following:-


Instead of depending on a small number of large scale funders we utilise the principle of gifting (tithing) from as many individuals, businesses and organisations in our area. In order to gain leverage this money will be deposited into the CES Virtual Rand account which would enable worldwide trading in National currencies throughout the world.


Introduce a paper currency (Aura already available). In any trade a ratio of payment Rand to Aura would be decided upon. 50% : 50% is simplest.


Persuade as many established businesses, farms and organisations in the area to accept Community Currencies in payment for goods or services purchased. Find ways in which local businesses etc. could utilise Aura income by for instance paying staff salaries in a ratio 80% Rand : 20% Aura.



  1. Set up a STEERING GROUP and design its demise from the outset. The basic idea is to empower people from bottom up to develop their own sustainable projects.

  2. Deal with the inevitable BUTS that arise such as:- BUT WE HAVE NO FUNDING

  3. Establish a common unifying PURPOSE. This could be founded on the statement in the SA Constitution PREABLE:- “We the people of SOUTH AFRICA believe that SOUTH AFRICA belongs to all who live in it united in our diversity.” Thus THE LAND BELONGS TO ALL THE PEOPLE.

  4. BUT the appropriation of Land has continued ever since THE DUTCH EAST INDIA COMPANY established a COLONY on SA SOIL. HOW do we proceed to reverse this?

  5. We use the UBUNTU CONTRIBUTIONISM model thus implementing point (a) Fostering self-esteem, directly and indirectly, within every individual in the COMMUNITY using amongst others the principles of UBUNTU: encouraging and enabling everyone into living healthy lifestyles.(See Pg 1 B)

  6. Identify  (a) a number of community based business projects. (b) a number of individual mastercraft, apprenticeship style of enterprises.


Organise an OPEN SPACE event in the near future including a half a dozen or so Important TOPICS

to familiarise people with the many aspects of TRANSITION.


To enlighten and inspire current and future generations to challenge and change the current economic systems and design a new sustainable system that progresses civilisation rather than hindering it.