Firstly by having insight into the present situation 

 Who rules South Africa?

is the title of a book which provides such insight  




 Our world is most clearly in a state

 of transition from an age characterized by extremes of competition and greed into a new paradigm of


founded on

COOPERATION and TRUST incorporated as our purpose in the


In the General Election in 2019 

the ANC was returned to power.


at present lies in the hands of



The question above is the title of a book written by Martin Plaut & Paul Holden: Published by Jonathon Ball 2012

The most startling fact that is revealed in this book (Pg 39) is that in 2011 approximately three quarters of the South African Cabinet's 35 members had financial interests outside their main occupations as did 59% of the country's 400 members of parliament. This is evidence that the country's politicians are receivers of interest transferred to 20% of the population from the other 80%.


The process whereby the FINANCIAL ELITE (The super rich 10%) entrenched their interests in the SA Economy is described in the following   quote from the Sunday Times, concerning BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) -

 "The first real opportunity came when Anglo American found it expedient to go along with the official economic restructuring policies. In much the same way, as almost 40 years beforehand, an Anglo led by Harry Oppenheimer had facilitated Afrikaner capital's acquisition of General Mining, by the late '90s it was time to turn over something to black capital. That was to be the mining rump of Johannesburg Consolidated Investments (JCI), shorn of its core diamond and platinum interests, and Khumalo emerged as the favored buyer of 35%.

In a similar way Cyril Ramaphosa and Tokyo Sexwale went on to make a fortune in business and straddle the fields of politics and finance. 

At present RAMAPHOSA holds the position of PRESIDENT in the Republic of South Africa.

It’s time for change from the bottom up

The VALLEY OF GRACE TRANSITION INITIATIVE, as a trialing community, aims to address the above shortcomings in a holistic manner establishing a new paradigm of living based on cooperation, utilising organic, permaculture and biodynamic agricultural techniques and practices, as well as THE FOUR QUADRANTS INTEGRAL THEORY of Ken Wilber.  This aims at building an all-inclusive buy in of all sub communities within the region, restoring reverence for the whole of the natural world by:-

  1. Fostering self-esteem, directly and indirectly, within every individual in the COMMUNITY founded on the principles of UBUNTU enabling everyone to live  a healthy and productive life. The book BUILDING EFFECTIVE FAMILIES by STEVEN COVEY would be a valuable resource.

  2. Building EFFECTIVE FAMILIES based on the principle of RIGHT HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS founded on techniques of mercy, forgiveness and compassion thus building on the culture of TRUTH and RECONCILIATION initiated by Nelson Mandela thus ensuring that all institutions, function according to the principle of SERVICE to society.

  3. Establishing educational opportunities based on the principle of learning through doing. 

  4. Exploring and utilizing a wide variety of alternative economic techniques being promoted by the worldwide NEW ECONOMICS movement, thus addressing the flaws in our present so called FREE MARKET economic system: The most ingenious SLAVERY SYSTEM ever invented.

  5. Establishing authentic social and economic justice in for the millions still trapped under the crushing burden of unemployment and poverty?


At present in South Africa the STATE CAPTURE COMMISSION is investigating the deep seated corruption which was allegedly taking place during the presidency of Zuma. One of the factors emerging is that the proportional representation method for choosing MP's (Members of Parliament) leads to a situation where representatives do not serve the interests of the majority. This emphasizes the need for MAJOR REFORMS in the fields of ECONOMICS and POLITICS that will require deep seated cooperation of all political parties. The following letter clearly elaborates on some the requirements for success which could perhaps be brought about during 2020.


Note - The content of this letter is still applicable

We need to be calling for  CODESA 2021

The electorate should choose the president and MPs of the country and not the political parties.

(Delwyn Verasamy, M&G) Letters to the editor M&G: June 2 to 8, 2017 Sandy Johnston, Nelson Mandela Bay


It is increasingly common cause that the ANC government is the single biggest stumbling block to any improvement in the desperate state of our nation. Jacob Zuma has constructed a reusable template for a “lock-up-and-go Parliament”, with all key state institutions and state-owned enterprises thrown in as the victor’s spoils – a road map for the permanent takeover of the government and economy by corrupt, criminal groupings. Nothing less than a “Codesa 2019” stratagem, outlined below, can change our downward trajectory. Some 25 years after the original Convention for a Democratic South Africa, we again have circumstances – this time in the form of a corrupt-to-the-core, dysfunctional ANC government destroying our economy – that create significant converging political interests.The one thing the ANC has done with great passion is to perpetrate corrupt practices. In their arrogance and their greed, they have unwittingly handed us a master class in what we need to fix.With this in mind, in the run-up to the 2019 general election, all parliamentary opposition parties wishing to be party to the initiative should meet as soon as possible to draw up a declaration of intent to the effect that, should they together constitute a parliamentary majority, they will immediately initiate the Codesa 2019 process. This will state objectives as being to ensure :

  • MPs and the national president are chosen by the electorate, not by political parties;

  • Heads of key national institutions and state-owned enterprises are not appointed by the president or by the Cabinet, but by select committees comprising appropriately qualified people;

  • Procurement procedures, at all levels of government, are redrafted by professionals to ensure appropriate, enforceable anticorruption measures; and

  • An economic Codesa, now long overdue, will be a highly significant component of Codesa 2019.

  • By virtue of its inclusion in each party’s election manifesto and being subsequently submitted to a referendum, the initiative will enable and achieve its own political legitimacy.


  1. Institute a basic citizens income.

  2. Reform the present proportional representation system.